he chance for clients to track the products makes a huge difference not only in terms of high quality, but also for the control of agrochemical contents and undesired foreign matter. One of the initiatives within this scope is the Clean Tobacco Program, which aims to make growers aware of the fact that the elimination of foreign matter and atypical odors result into product quality assurance, synonymous with good businesses for all people involved in the process.

The initiative is supported by printed materials, like primers, banners and folders handed out to growers, complemented by media campaigns and announcements over local radio stations. All radio campaigns keep pace with the different stages of tobacco farming in the various municipalities, such as planting, harvesting and delivery times. In all, about 100 radio stations in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná engage in the campaign. For better understanding, it is split into three distinct steps, focused on the following:

1º – Importance of exclusively using recommended inputs and weed controllers;
2º – Elimination of foreign matter during tobacco harvesting and curing procedures;
3º – Elimination of foreign matter during grading procedures at the farm.


RIMER – The Primers handed out to the growers in South Brazil by the Clean Tobacco Program feature information on predominant foreign matters that must be eliminated from tobacco, as well as information on atypical odors. In addition, the material outlines all the necessary cares to be taken in every stage of the crop and sets the commitments between the company and the grower.

The Clean Tobacco Program complements the works conducted by the companies regarding every individual integrated grower. Awareness campaigns and research on new technologies for the production of clean and healthy tobaccos are constant concerns of the companies of the sector, as a manner to keep the reputation of Brazilian leaf as the cleanest in the world and, consequently, assuring competitiveness in the international market.

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