Brazil is global leader in tobacco exports

Brazil is the second largest producer of tobacco and leader in exports since 1993, thanks to the quality and integrity of the tobacco produced in this country.

Tradition and Income for the South Brazil

The crop is cultivated in 640 municipalities in South Brazil, involving more than 160 thousand families in the rural setting and creating 30 thousand direct jobs in the processing.

Incentive to education

Considered as a success case in family farming, the tobacco sector is a pioneer in the fight against child labor in the rural setting and incentivizes tobacco farmers’ children to go to school.

Encouraging reforestation

Company initiatives with integrated producers have become permanent, aiming to provide firewood and extra income, as well as the preservation of the native

Environmental Awareness

The Empty Chemical Container Collection Program picks up triple-rinsed packaging in upwards of 2,600 localities in the rural zones of tobacco growing municipalities.